Hello everyone, today my presentation is about my hometown .it is an old city.Firstly,let’s play a game. I’ll give you 3 pictures Please guess the city’s name.


Kaifeng ,a prefecture-level city(地级市) in eastern Henan province, located along the southern bank of the Yellow River ,is one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China. During the Song Dynasty, it was called Dongjing or Bianjing ,then, Kaifeng was the capital of China ,with a population of over 400,000, living both inside and outside the city wall.

Typhus was an acute problem of the city. And Kaifeng reached its peak of importance in the 11th century, when it was a commercial and industrial center at the intersection of four major canals. During this time, the city was surrounded by three rings of city walls and probably had a population of 600,000 to 700,000. It is believed that Kaifeng was the largest city in the world from 1013 to 1127.



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As the representative work of Zhang Zeduan, a famous palace painter living in the late Northern Song Dynasty, Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival is a handscroll of painting reflecting the life and customs of the Northern Song Dynasty additionally, the most famous construction of the antique buildings is the Garden Landscape in Qingming Festival at Bian River,and it is built based on the Qingming scroll。



As the capital cities of Kingdom Wei(Warring States Period),Liang, Jin,Han, Zhou(the five dynasties), Song dynasty and the end of Jin dynasty, Kaifeng was founded in 4500 years ago, named Qifeng in Xia dynasty. Therefore, there are a lot of places of historic interest, such as Longting, Tower Bo,the tower of Kaibao temple(Kaifeng iron tower),

Great Xiangguo Temple and the place of interest around the lord bao lake.




Lord Bao Memorial Temple is located in Baohe Park just southwest of the city center. It was

initially built in 1066 in memory of Baozheng, a famous upright officer during the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1127).

Lord Bao Memorial Temple is a typical ancient architectural complex with style imitating that of the Song Dynasty. Covering an area of one hectare,

主保纪念寺位于Baohe公园西南的城市中心。最初建于1066年在Baozheng内存,一个著名的正直的官员在北宋(960 – 1127)。


铁塔 T

he Iron Pagoda is located in Iron Pagoda Park in the northeast part of the city, this structure was built in 1049 during the Northern Song Dynasty. With a history of more than nine hundred years, it is one of the earliest constructions made of glazed bricks and tiles in China. It got its name from the iron-gray color of its glazed bricks. The octagonal pagoda is fifty-five meters high (with its foundation buried in silt from the Yellow River) and has thirteen levels. Although it was constructed of glazed bricks of different shapes and sizes, it looks very much like a huge wooden pillar, with carved patterns of Buddhas, flowers, human figures and legendary animals, all representing the highly developed workmanship of the Song Dynasty. The top of the pagoda affords a good view of the

undefined whole city of Kaifeng.





Kaifeng is also known for having the oldest extant Jewish community in China, the Kaifeng Jews. This church is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ,and it is built by the Kaifeng Jews 夜市 小吃

Kaifeng offers a wide range of food specialities such as steaming pie and Chinese dumpling. In the evening, Kaifeng's streets turn into restaurants while hundreds open their stands and begin selling their food in the famous night market. Often people from the nearby Zhengzhou come to Kaifeng to spend an evening with their family as the atmosphere is very appealing. Less adventurous Western tourists may prefer to eat inside the restaurants and just have their drinks outside because they might not want to try chicken feet, pork feet or bucks. Particularly famous is Kaifeng's five-spice bread (wǔxiāng shāobǐng), which, like pita, can be opened and filled. The lively unusual snack night market is this old city one of allnight long big characteristics. it has many varieties, if completely eats, perhaps you could not be able to return to the hotel


Hubei College of Arts and Sciences

湖北文理学院 Historical novel of three kingdoms


A brief introduction to the ancient lung:

Gu Long is an outstanding statesman of the Three Kingdoms period, the military strategist Zhu Geliang youth (17-27 years old) place to live in seclusion. Zhu Geliang tuck song farm for 10 years. Zhuge Liang of the Shandong Langya people, young lost parents, after with his uncle to Jingzhou, dead uncle at the age of 17, went to Xiangyang Longzhong, Gonggeng hard, pay attention to the world, known as "Wolong". Later Sangumaolu Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, a comprehensive analysis of the situation in three minutes of the world at that time, and puts forward the strategies of world domination, this is the famous "Longzhong".

Now the ancient Grand is a former residence of Zhu Geliang as the main scenic spots in the Northwest Hubei historical and cultural city of Xiangyang and Nanzhang, Gucheng junction, with a total area of 209 square kilometers. Paleo uplift formed in heritage scenic area has been 1700 years of history, the "mountain is not high and fair; water is not deep and clear; not broad and flat; Lin little and lush, within the scenic area surrounded by mountains, towering pine and cypress, and the scenery is quite beautiful. The main attractions of Wuhou Temple, "Zhuge Cooper, pavilion, pavilion, tuck Gonggeng Tian Xiaohong, ancient bridge, six angle wells, the

observatory etc.. In 1994 by the State Council approved the national 4A level scenic spots.





现在的古隆中是一个以诸葛亮故居为主体的风景名胜区,在鄂西北历史文化名城襄阳市 与南漳、谷城交界处,总面积209平方公里。古隆中形成文物风景旅游区已有一千七百多年的历史,其地“山不高而秀雅;水不深而澄清;地不广而平坦;林不大



Xiangyang,China.A beautiful city full of art and history.A hotly contested spot which the military must occupat.It is called "The first city of China".


Whatever you think about Xiangyang,visiting as a tourist is very different from living there.Each part of Xiangyang has its own character.Some parts are richer than others,or more industrial,or have better housing.


It is difficult to be general about Xiangyang.The city is made up of a "collection of villages",each area with its own character and community.


Put them all together,and you have Xiangyang ,a city beautiful and quiet.



The Wine Culture of NuJiang

When you visit NuJiang in addition to enjoy the beautiful landscape, there are three things you should try, or the extreme views will lack some climax. The first thing is to drink concentric wine, the second thing is to try liusuo, the third thing is to play in the water. Today I will mainly introduce NuJiang’s culture of concentric wine .

Lisu’s culture of wine can be described as broad and profound, colorful, unique, it is not only the crystallization of the Lisu material culture and spiritual culture, but also as the representative of Lisu enthusiasm that is bold and uestrained. Lisu is the host of Sanjiang, which Lisu nationality are mainly distribution in the Jinsha River, Lan -cang River, Nu River where is my hometown.

Lisu is a hardworking , brave and bold nation. Wine has a very unique feelings in their cultural life, which is the symbol of their expression of joy and friendship. Lisu’s wine have rich culture, and best known as to the number of "concentric wine", concentric wine is representative of the Lisu wine culture.

When Lisu preside guests, the host or hostess generally toast guests three bowls of concentric wine and will toast no longer. But if guests to retaliate the owner, it will make guests until drunk. Lisu drink concentric wine very civilized, men and women bend each arm round each shoulder and antiphonal singing, which is men and

women drink and nobody produce evil, lyrics or long or short. The lyrics content from the history of the Chinese nation to grandparents, friendship, lucky life, work orders, etc.

Lisu people entertain with it is brewed rice wine that alcohol degree is not high and taste sweet , but the stamina is very high, if drinking in the cool wind, red will float in the face at once. In recent years, the concentric wine has spawned a new form of toast "Three Rivers", which is similar to the concentric wine, The difference is three people drink a bowl of wine. Theother way toast, called "high mountain and flowing water" that is the most horrible way of toast. It is said, when the guests drink, the host side the flagon and add wine until wine is exhausted by the guests. During this process without stopping and can’t spilled the wine out of mouth, or do it again. 到怒江除了饱览绝美山水,有三件事是你一定要尝试的,不然极致的美景中会少了那么一点点高潮。第一件事 喝同心酒,第二件事 过溜索,第三件事 亲水。今天我主要介绍一下怒江同心酒文化。





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