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Water gymnastics are also known as synchronized swimming that are among popular Olympic sports. It is an Olympic sport that mixes swimming with ballet and gymnastics, and includes diving, stunts, lifts, and endurance movements. Water gymnastics are the synchronized swimming which didn't become an Olympic sport until 1984, when both duets and teams of four to eight swimmers were allowed to compete.

I like water gymnastics best for many reasons. First of all, I am a good swimmer. Therefore, I am interested in all kinds of Olympic swimming sports. Especially, I am fond of water gymnastics for two major reasons – the fabulous movements and those sexy and those very beautiful female swimmers. Most importantly, I like the great music and their fabulous performance in water ballet. When I watch this

Olympic sport, I can learn their professional techniques in swimming. For example, swimmers' performance is evaluated based on a series of predetermined elements, such as execution of strokes and transitions, difficulty, and synchronization. Arm sections and figures, similar to those of figure skating, are also required, and all

elements must be presented in a specific order. Because synchronized swimming routines require exceptional breath control, judges also take into consideration the ability of the swimmers to preserve the illusion of effortlessness while holding their breath for up to two minutes.

Last and certainly not least, water gymnastics is my most favourite Olympic sport. I like water gymnastics best among all kinds of water sports. Not only am I attracted to their fabulous movements in the water, the energy in the music, their beautiful, sexy and healthy figures also bring me an ultimate hearing and visual pleasure. If I have to choose my most favourite sport, I will choose water

gymnastics for the best choice. Nevertheless, I am really getting into this amazing water sport because I'm fond of its techniques and movements!


My hobby is playing basketball. I started to play basketball when I was 12 years old. After school, I would stay on the playground and play basketball with some friends of mine until it was dark . Since then I have taken it as my hobby because it is good to my health and I enjoy it very much. Now I work in a big foreign company. I am busy at work during the week so I don’t often play it, when there are some holidays for me to have a rest . I will find some old friends to go to the gym

together to play basketball for 3 to 4 hours there . I will feel very happy and relaxed . This exercise is quite beneficial to me, because I am very, very strong now. Three

mael for day It is necessary for us to take breakfast well, becuase it is very important to take so. once you have fresh spirit so that you could do everything in great effort and vigor. The lunch is semm to play the same role with the breakfast, attention it must take enough for the afternoon you have to work hard. Certainly, on the

evening, you should take little so that your stomach will take a little burden. Good health from here.


My favorite sport is kicking shuttlecock.

On Saturday morning, open the window and look out, glittering and

translucent get rid of the sky, like a boundless crystal glass. In such a good weather, stretch and a yawn, worked in and food, after the "struggle" to go to the park's tree-lined trails.

Time really fast, quickly into the park. I marched to be covered in the floret grass nearly empty land, unlike in the past, this time I took out the shuttlecock, playing up, grandma with large shuttlecock, I use a small shuttlecock. My grandma do a demonstration. See grandma throw a shuttlecock upgrade, shuttlecock fell down on the side of the foot up, is about the play. Her for a while with the toe kick, for a while in the heel kick, in a short while left "Fried" pain MAO, a right "Fried" hair pain, really like a swallow in the happy flying.

It's my turn to play, I play, too bad! See the shuttlecock jumping up and down, like a child, bouncing around naughty, but played no five it broke. I'm persistent attempts to more than ten times, but no one played left "Fried" MAO "Fried" hair pain pain or right, I'm became frustrated the ball, but just at this moment, suddenly there was a turning point, the naughty shuttlecock out of my control, is about to fall to the ground, at this critical juncture of, I hurried up and caught the

shuttlecock with their feet, and played two, and gained the grandmother to my reward.

How interesting the sport! Boys and girls, what is in your favorite sport?我最喜欢的体育运动莫过于踢毽子了。





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Table tennis is the most popular sport with people in our country. School children start playing table tennis when they are very young. Not only is it played in school but it is also a favourite game with workers and people in other walks of life. In fact, it has be come a sort of national game.

There are other popular sports, for example, badminton, Wushu and sword play are popular sports. Though they are not played ns widely as table tennis, they are all tra ditional forms of sports. Mention should be made of such ball games as football, basket ball and volleyball, in which much progress has been made.

In order to keep fit and win honour for our motbedand. Men and women, young and old, take an active part in sports. And our government takes effectual measures to promote physical culture and build up the people's health. You may see people enjoy dif ferent sports. Many people are running, walking, or doing boxing in open spaces early in the morning. Sports are flourishing in our country now.




篇三:英语作文素材 体育锻炼

All over the world millions of people take part in different kinds of sports. Sports are perhaps the most popular form of relaxation that almost all can enjoy.

Some people seem to think that sports and games are unimportant things that people do at times when they are not working. But in fact sports and games can be of great value, especially to people who work with their brains most of the day. They should not be treated only as amusements.

Sports and games build our bodies, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. They also give us valuable practice in helping the eyes, brain and muscles to work together. In table tennis, the eyes see the ball coming, judge its speed and direction, and pass the information on to the brain. The brain has to decide what to do and sends its orders to the muscles of the arms legs and so on, so that the bah is met and hit back where the player wants it to do. All this must happen with very great speed, and only those who have had a lot of practice can do this successfully.

Sports and games are also very useful for character-training. In their lessons, boys and girls may learn about such virtues as unselfishness courage disciple and love of one's country, but what is learned in books can not have the same deep effect on a child's character as what is learned through practice. Most of students' time is spent in classes, studying lessons. So what the students do in their spare time is of great importance. If each of them learns to go all out for his team and not for himself on the sports field, he will later find it natural to work for the good of society, for the good of his country.

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