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Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in China. It’s my favorite, too. It’s a good way of exercise, and it’s easy to play. You don’t need many skills. I often play table tennis after class. Most of my classmates like it. So we always have partners. But if you want to play well, it’s not so easy. You must focus on your gesture, your hands and your steps. I want to be better, so I practice it very often. I have my own teacher to teach me. I work hard on it.乒乓球是中国最受欢迎的运动之一,也是我最喜欢的运动。乒乓球是一个锻炼的好方式,也很容易学会,你不需要太多的技巧。课后,我经常打乒乓球。我们班上大部分的同学都喜欢打乒乓球,所以我们总是有很多搭档。但是,如果你想要打得好就没有那么简单。你必须注意你的姿势,手势以及步伐。我想打得更好,所以我经常练习。我有自己的老师来教我,我很努力学习它。


There are many kinds of interesting sports, such as basketball, football, swimming and running, but the most I like is swimming. When I was a little child, my father took me to the river which near my house to learn swimming. Then, I found it's really fun and cool when I swim in the water, especially in summer, It's

the most exciting thing to do when summer comes. I like swimming. It's so wonderful.



I like playing volleyball that it’s my favorite sport. Since I learned to playvolleyball in PE two years ago, I was badly interested in it. Therefore, I learnedit with my volleyball teacher. And half a year later, I joined the schoolvolleyball team. It’s such an excellent team that I have a great time. Ipractice with my team mates every afternoon. And we have played many matchestogether. Except the awards we get, I cherish the precious affection between meand team mates and volleyball. And playing volleyball makes me realize howimportant of union and teamwork. As long as we unit together, we can beat anyopponents. I will always cherish my love to volleyball.



I love sports. I love all kind of sports. I can’t stay inside the house for a long time. When

I have spare time, I will go out to play sports. If it is convenient, anyone asks me to go out to play sports, I will say yes. I often go hiking, running, swimming, play basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and so on. All of them are my favorite. And because of them, I have a good body.



篇二:英语作文 我最喜欢的运动

My favorite sports

Sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. So I pay special attention to games, especially table-tennis.

Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in China. It’s my favorite, too. It’s a good way of exercise, and it’s easy to play. You don’t need many skills. I often play table tennis after class. Most of my classmates like it. So we always have partners. But if you want to play well, it’s not so easy. You must focus on your gesture, your hands and your steps. I want to be better, so I practice it very often. I have my own teacher to teach me. I work hard on it.


体育运动英语作文一:体育运动有益身心健康 The Advantage of Sports

Recently, more and more people stay at home watching TV and surfing the Internet, which leads to obesity and even get serious illness.


This is no doubt that sport is good for our health. A person who takes exercises regularly will keep fit. What’s more, exercise can make you well-behaved and confident. If you usually take exercise with your friends, you will be close to them. After all, sports can make your life more colorful.


Nothing is more important than doing sports. It's time to take actions to stay away from the TV and computer and to take part in sport activities.


体育运动英语作文二:体育热情 The Enthusiasm For Sports

Though PE class is a part of children’s education, many teenagers didn’t form the habit of doing exercise, they don’t have interest in sports. Enthusiasm for sports is of great importance, young people should treat it as their integral part of education.


On the one hand, promoting enthusiasm for sports among teenagers helps them keep a healthy lifestyle. In the school, students are forced to take exercise in the PE class, they need to join certain activities. In this way, students live in a healthy lifestyle, they won’t get sick easily. But after they leaving school, no one forces them to do so, so they are lazy to take exercise, their bodies gets weaker.


On the other hand, the enthusiasm for sports can help students enhance their sense of teamwork. As we known, most sports need more than one person to do, like badminton and table tennis, these sports needs more than two people. When students are playing badminton, they need to cooperate, so that they can defeat others, if they just keep an eye on themselves, they game can’t be played. Doing these sports will bring students the sense of teamwork, which is important for their career. 另一方面,对体育的锻炼可以帮助学生加强他们的团体合作感。我们知道,大部分运动需要不止一个人来做,比如羽毛球和乒乓球,这些运动需要超过两个人做。当学生打羽毛球时,需要合作,这样他们才可以打败对手,如果他们只是关注自己,游戏就无法进行。做这些运动可以给学生带来合作感,这对他们将来的职业很重要。

People should keep the habit of taking exercise, the sound body ensures better future. Enthusiasm for sports can make people feel it a happiness to take exercise.


体育运动英语作文三:体育锻炼的好处 The Advantages of Doing Physical Exercises

As the proverb goes, “no one knows the value of health until he loses it.” From this, we know

that health is very important to everybody. But how to keep fit? Many people believe that sports can offer people health and pleasure. As far as I concern, I think doing physical exercises have lots of advantages.


First of all, doing exercises in the morning will refresh my body as well as give me a good appetite to eat my breakfast. What’s more, the air in the morning is really fresh and clean, so I can keep my mind clear and sound in the class. By doing physical every day I can keep my mind alert that I can finish my tasks in time. If I do not do any physical exercise, I will feel tired and my body becomes quite sluggish. During the night, I may find it becomes harder to fall asleep. Second, doing exercises everyday will help me to mound a better personality. It takes time and patient to do exercises. Sometimes I just want to give up, but my friends encourage me to carry on, then I feel a lot of satisfaction. Doing physical exercises makes me stronger and healthier. That’s my personal experience.


As a student, sports are indispensable. You can pick up your favorite sport and do it every day. Only in this way, you can have both pleasure and a healthy body.


体育运动英语作文四:锻炼身体的重要性 The Importance of Physical Exercise

Everyone hopes to live happily in the world. Physical exercise is indispensable to a happy life. There is a famous saying: "Life lies on exercise." Although you will not necessarily die without regular physical exercises, they'll certainly help you live longer and more healthily.


Exercise is good for us to build our bodies. It helps coordinate the different parts of our bodies when we have sports. For example, we must try our best to coordinate the movements of the arms and legs when we play basketball, or we won't be able to shoot the basket. Exercise also benefits our organs. It lets the heart beat faster than usual, and then helps enlarge the blood vessels to protect us from heart attacks.

锻炼对我们的身体很好。运动的时候能够帮助我们 协调身体的各个部分, 例如,打篮球的时候我们必须尽力使手脚协调,否则我们不会投中篮。运动也有利于我们的器官。它让心跳比平时快,然后帮助扩大血管来预防心脏病。

Exercise can also contribute to the development of our ability to response agilely. For instance, when you play table- tennis, you must try to reflect as quickly as you can so that you may fight back at the right position at the fight moment.

运动也有助于提高我们的反应能力。例如,打乒乓球时你必须要快速反映,这样你才可以在正确位置反击。 Exercise can also contribute to improving our mood. When you do exercise, you move a lot, and you have to be more active. It helps you become more optimistic.

运动也有助于改善我们的心情。做了运动,活动多了,你也会变得更活跃。它可以帮助你变得更加乐观。 Exercise will fill your life with various contents and make it more colorful.


What's more, exercise will help you get rid of your inertia. If you keep doing exercise regularly, you will never be a lazy person. Therefore, exercise has great effect on one's character. 而且运动可以帮助你摆脱你的惰性。如果你经常锻炼,你永远都不会成为一个懒惰的人。因此,运动对一个人的性格有很大的影响。

In a word, exercise is helpful, important and absolutely necessary.


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